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  1. The Brilliance of Bastion's Flexible Builds

    Bastion character upgrade choice

    In RPGs (especially those of the 90s and early 2000s), game designers typically increase difficulty by creating increasingly powerful enemies (and more dangerous groups). To balance this, player characters engage in combat, gain experience points, and level up. Obviously, you want the game should increase in challenge/difficulty over time …

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  2. Game Design in Open-World

    According to many, open-world is fun. Perhaps it's the sense of freedom, progression, or influence upon the world which tickles a player's funny bone. Whichever it is, if there's anything we game designers know, it's that it's hard to pull off.

    Open-World?! What's That Mumbo-Jumbo's All About?

    Firstly, what is …

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  3. How to Get Your Game to Done


    Most games never reach completion. Most of us know this -- especially programmers, who typically leave a trail of dead projects in their wake. Well-intentioned projects, but incomplete projects none-the-less.

    What steps can you take to increase the chances of actually finishing, and get your game to that glorified "done" state …

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