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Devlog · Talha's Migration · 2017-08-18 · nightblade

The last couple of weeks mostly entailed playtesting and game-balancing tweaks. As a result, we made a few visible changes:

  • Squid (blue rectangle) now move erratically and require more effort to capture.
  • There's a new "Sense of Smell" upgrade that materializes as a white arrow, and shows you where the next creature will appear. In the GIF above, it predicts a shark, then a squid.
  • Krill now appear in abundance, but net you only one food per catch.
  • Shrank swimming crabs slightly.

You can see these changes in the GIF above. We plan to continue playtesting and tweaking in the next weeks.

We also nerfed the images back to coloured blocks, because that makes it easier to focus on gameplay rather than asthetics.

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