We are a couple of Muslims passionate about creating fun (and educational) digital games, and portraying Islam positively in the media, in our spare time. Our projects cover a lot of ground:

Keeping our games free (and open-source) is part of our core values. We strive to create games that are enjoyable and fun, not ad-riddled games that are optimized to empty your wallet. You can find our projects ​here on GitHub.

We need your support. If you have the time, consider helping out for a project -- everything from feedback to play-testing, artwork, programming, or just spreading the word about games you like.

If you want to help out or just reach out, you can drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you.

Alternatively, not everyone has the time, motivation, or talents to help with games. With financial support, we can hire help and make more, better games, faster. Read more about it on Patreon.