Devlog · Crystal Caverns · 2021-03-29 · nightblade

Introducing Crystal Caverns, a match-3/roguelike hybrid with persistent upgrades. In the last two months, I took this game from a rough prototype to what you see in the video. At present, the game includes:

  • A bare-bones battle system: players and monsters take turns attacking.
  • A basic match-3 game with collapse mechanics, albeit you can swap any two tiles
  • Victory and defeat
  • Persistent currency (crystal shards) which you retain across battles

Battles appear bare-bones at the moment, but include some depth: - Players can attack, critical-strike, boost defense, poison enemies, drain, and heal. - Monster attacks affect the board in various ways (currently, they just eat random tiles).

That includes enough of the core game to improve upon.

Next month, I plan to turn my attention more towards the roguelike side of the game: generating dungeons with monsters, finding treasure (including persistent treasure), and balancing exploration with progression.

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