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  1. A Month in Review: July 2018

    July brought a lot of challenges. @Chemical_Ink's internet went down for several days. I ran into a very busy work schedule. All of this meant less time for Abu Hamid X; but walhamdulillah, we still managed to ship a lot of changes.

    Perhaps most importantly, we decided to drop the …

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  2. A Month in Review: June 2018

    With the end of Ramadan cutting through the first half of June, we made little progress in the first two weeks. That makes it even more exciting that we completed the prototype of our new game, tentatively titled "Abu Hamid!"


    Every prototype aims to answer a question. This prototype answers …

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  3. A Month in Review: May 2018

    This month, we spent quite a lot of time planning and articulating our next project. It's a big one! Unlike previous projects, we decided to bite on something large and ambitous.


    We're in the early stages of prototyping, so I can't share too many details right now (as things are …

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  4. Talha's Migration, Week 6-7

    The last couple of weeks mostly entailed playtesting and game-balancing tweaks. As a result, we made a few visible changes:

    • Squid (blue rectangle) now move erratically and require more effort to capture.
    • There's a new "Sense of Smell" upgrade that materializes as a white arrow, and shows you where the …
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  5. Talha's Migration, Week 5

    This week, we implemented the final feature work (seals and sharks). We left out one item (squids) due to a lack of time. You can see both seals and squids in the GIF above.

    As well, our artist finished the main character sprite, and it gives a game a very …

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