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Devlog · Gem Worlds · 2021-09-28 · nightblade

Here's me completing a single level in a new run of the gem roguelike:

You can see quite a lot of changes from last month. The most obvious one is the skill shop; specifically:

  • Collecting gems collects them permanently across all runs (the three types have three different values)
  • Between runs of the game, you can upgrade your skills
  • At the skill shop, you can buy new skills, upgrade existing skills, or buy other upgrades (e.g. health) with your collected gems

While feedback on this ran contrary to what I hoped, I decided to make the game more roguelike (-like?) - dying three times takes you back to the beginning of the current world. Along with permanent gems, I hope this will lead players down an experience like Hades, where they adventure for a while, die, upgrade a lot, and try different builds the next run-through.

I also ran a limited alpha test (around six players played it and reported their feedback, incuding recordings and streams of them playing the game). Thank you all again for testing and providing feedback, be it a little or a lot - it helped me correct the course of the game and identify some much-needed things to improve upon!

This month, I also completed two major blocking tasks for the game: I sat down and wrote a complete end-to-end story for the game, including designing all the major characters, and some world-building/lore. Based on this, I started modifying the first world's art to fit the theme of the first world (Brightshield masjid/mosque).

I have a long way to go with art, which is the focus of this month: design the worlds in detail (including obstacles and monsters), and coding whatever's necessary to make it look good. This includes polishing the first world to a gleaming sheen, something I already sunk many hours into (and expect to sink many more). Already, you can see:

  • New tiles
  • A new level border
  • A large new parallax background

I hope, inshaAllah (God willing), I can complete the first world art, and some of the subsequent worlds, this month. We'll see how it goes.

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