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Devlog · Gem Worlds · 2022-12-25 · nightblade

image of a game controller

As I mentioned last week, Gem Worlds (the full game) will release on January 16th. Given that I have a couple of weeks, I already started on the next release - v1.1.0. Since I have a couple of users playing the demo on Steam Deck, it makes sense to include Steam Deck support with the next release. This includes:

  • An option on the main menu to quit to the title screen
  • Gamepad support throughout the game
  • A better explanation of why gems turn black and white
  • Some sort of indication that boulders are going to fall next turn

The next demo release and first full release is going out on January 16th, and whatever features are done, will ship at that time (probably partial gamepad support). Whatever isn't done, will ship in a subsequent release.

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