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Devlog · Gem Worlds · 2022-11-27 · nightblade

Hey all, I’m still planning on releasing Gem Worlds this year. November ended up being bug-fixing month, and I found a couple of content things that need to be replaced (icicles and beehives).

Before launching any game, I play through it over and over, until I can go from start to finish without seeing any bugs. For Gem Worlds, that’s a little trickier, since the game takes around two hours to complete (longest game I’ve made yet). I’ve reached the fifth and final world, and tested all the skills, so things are looking pretty good.

I really hope and pray that I can still ship the game this year, but it’s looking close. In terms of gameplay, here’s a quick look (via Twitter) at some UI changes in terms of how skill selection looks (World 4):

screenshot of skill selection with a green button

Finally, some non-Gem-Worlds related things:

  • I signed up for the GitHub Game Off 2022 jam, but our project ended up falling through (mostly design/architecture discussions)
  • I am still very, very interested in making a JRPG next, albeit I definitely cannot handle the scope of it on my own
  • My next project might very well be a classic dungeon crawler (roguelike), but I will know more closer to the time

Finally, if you haven’t already, please wishlist and follow the game on Steam, it helps with visibility on the Steam store.

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