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Devlog · Gem Worlds · 2022-11-11 · nightblade

screenshot of v1.0 banner

v1.0 ships today, and includes a major change in how skills work. Instead of saving up gems across multiple levels and buying skills from the shop, you now learn a new skill every other level. You get to pick between upgrading two previously learned skills, or learning one new skill. You also get to change your equipped skills. I hope this will encourage more experimentation with skills.

This version also includes several smaller changes;

  • You can choose between multiple save slots. All your existing progress is placed in the first slot.
  • You have unlimited lives and no longer can get game over
  • Each world generates only two types of levels
  • Removed background music and options
  • Options scroll vertically
  • (Accessibility) you can disable the gradient shader for tiles, which makes it much easier to see what's going on

This release also includes a slew of bug fixes. The most important ones are listed below.

  • Fixed a soft lock when you push a boulder into the exit
  • Fixed a soft lock when you push a mine into an explosion
  • Pressing space rapidly while next to a monster no longer makes other monsters move erratically.
  • Moving non-stop no longer causes some boulders to defy gravity and dance up and down
  • Clicking on skill buttons correctly activates skills
  • Pushing a tipped boulder upward into a teleporter no longer causes it to dance up and down
  • Fixed janky monster movement if you hit a monster and immediately move

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