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Devlog · Gem Worlds · 2023-02-13 · nightblade

screenshot of v1.2.0 banner

Hey all, I'm back from my break, with a couple of announcements.

First and foremost: Gem Worlds v1.2.0 ships today with full gamepad support. This should make it playable on the Deck without any configuration or rebinding.

The release also includes a couple of bug-fixes for some critical cases where you can get an inaccessible area in a map:

  • Fix: in rare cases, a room-based level may have inaccessible areas
  • Fix: level selection menu correctly appears post-game

Please note that the controls rebinding menu shows all controls (keyboard and gamepad), but rebinding gamepad controls currently doesn't work (and I can't figure out why). If this is an issue for you, please contact me and let me know.

Second: while I expected the game release to be lukewarm, the results were disappointing. Barring unforseen circumstances (like being picked up by a big streamer or a Boulder Dash or Supaplex community), the game hasn't gotten much traction. Considering how long it took to make, I don't think it makes sense to invest much more into it.

I sincerely thank each of you who bought it, enjoyed it, and especially those who left reviews on it. I read and appreciate all your feedback, positive and constructive.

That said, I suspect it's time to move on to my next project. It's going to be a blind-playable JRPG-like-game for the Games for Blind Gamers jam coming up in April. I'll provide more details later, once I start on the prototype.

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