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Devlog · Gem Worlds · 2023-03-11 · nightblade

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Gem Worlds v1.2.1 ships today (demo and full version), which a bevvy of gamepad-related improvements and bugfixes. This should significantly improve the player experience if you use a gamepad, or if you play on Deck.

If you're on a gamepad and past the tutorial, you can always start a new game to see the tutorial dialog again. If not, the controls are pretty simple:

  • d-pad to move
  • bottom button (A in XBox controllers) to skip a turn
  • right button (B in XBox controllers) to cancel selection
  • trigger/shoulder buttons to switch between items and skills
  • start to get to options
  • R3 to toggle the UI

The full list of changes include:

  • The ability to pass turns via the gamepad
  • The tutorial level tells you gamepad controls if it detects a gamepad
  • Gamepad buttons can be rebound

The full list of bug-fixes includes:

  • Fix: you can now skip dialog with the gamepad
  • Fix: skill upgrade/navigation breaks with a gamepad
  • Fix: inconsistent navigation of items and skills via gamepad shoulder/trigger buttons
  • Fix: overwriting a save dialog works with gamepad
  • Fix: you can toggle the message console on/off with gamepad or with ~ (keyboard)
  • Fix: space/pass-turn is now rebindable
  • Fix: quitting during tutorial/dialogs no longer shows dialogs in the titlescreen
  • Fix: pausing during skill selection breaks the game

Special thanks to 3akev for his tireless and amazing, high-quality work to get all these fixes and changes pushed out (and in a matter of two days!)

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