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Devlog · 2018-08-03 · nightblade

July brought a lot of challenges. @Chemical_Ink's internet went down for several days. I ran into a very busy work schedule. All of this meant less time for Abu Hamid X; but walhamdulillah, we still managed to ship a lot of changes.

Perhaps most importantly, we decided to drop the adventure/open-world concept and stick to what we prototyped and proved as fun: the arena combat challenge. This introduced a lot of story/worldbuilding challenges, but we managed to work something out.


New features include:

  • Half-hidden assassins who lunge and stab from out-of-sight
  • Lava eruptions that mean instant death
  • Proximity mines that explode
  • Jumping enemies
  • Spike traps
  • And more!

For our Patreon supporters, you can download the prototype here. If you're not a Patreon supporter, consider joining us; your feedback shapes the direction of our games.

Once we get feedback, our plan is to start the actual production version of the game. You can follow us on Twitter for updates.

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