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Devlog · 2018-07-01 · nightblade

With the end of Ramadan cutting through the first half of June, we made little progress in the first two weeks. That makes it even more exciting that we completed the prototype of our new game, tentatively titled "Abu Hamid!"


Every prototype aims to answer a question. This prototype answers the question: "can a jetpack-toting samurai with a gun, flying around and killing hordes of enemies and giants, be a fun gaming experience?" We believe the answer is "yes!"

You can see the core gameplay elements in the screenshot:

  • Running around, jumping
  • Flying with a jetpack with limited fuel
  • Attacking enemies with a sword
  • Shooting with a gun
  • Fighting giant, semi-invincible monsters (the juggling is a physics bug)

For our Patreon supporters, you can download the prototype here. If you're not a Patreon supporter, consider joining us; your feedback shapes the direction of our games.

Once we gather some feedback, we can plan the next phase and start on the actual game: planning, coding, art, sound, and more. (You can also follow us on twitter for more frequent updates.)

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