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Devlog · 2018-06-01 · nightblade

This month, we spent quite a lot of time planning and articulating our next project. It's a big one! Unlike previous projects, we decided to bite on something large and ambitous.


We're in the early stages of prototyping, so I can't share too many details right now (as things are scarce). Our major Islamic/educational goal for this project is to show world events through an Islamic lens. How that will play out, we will see.

As far as prototyping, we have our basic jetpack/combat system in place. You can fly around the screen and strike enemies, and they can harm you (sort of).

There's a lot of work left to be done in prototyping, but we're fairly optimistic that this will result in a fun core game loop with lots of interesting side gameplay.

We're also breaking from game development for a couple of weeks, as we're now entering the last half of Ramadan. You can expect game development to resume its regular schedule in mid-to-late-June.

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