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Devlog · Gem Worlds · 2022-11-01 · nightblade

When I prototyped Gem Worlds in August of 2021, I thought it would take me maybe another month or two (at most) to finish the game. Here we are, after 15 months of evenings and weekends, with the end in sight!

I finished all the content for Gem Worlds as of a few minutes ago; all that remains is to play the game through (over and over and over) and find/fix any bugs that show up. And there are probably a lot of them.

I don’t do release dates, but if I did, I would guess that the game will ship sometime in November. Here’s the plan for the next little while:

  • Play through the demo, find bugs, fix bugs, repeat. Once I can’t find any more bugs, ship the demo.
  • Play through the full game, find bugs, fix bugs, repeat. Once I can’t find any more bugs, release it to Steam.
  • In the coming days after release, fix and patch any critical bugs that inevitably appear.
  • As the days turn to weeks, add some planned features (Steam cloud save, and a bunch of accessibility features).
  • Above all, monitor the player (that’s you) feedback, and adjust the game accordingly.

I really hope the game takes off and I get genuine feedback on how to shape it. I plan to support it for at least a couple of months, until I figure out my next project.

And finally, here’s a (spoiler-free) screenshot of something end-game!


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